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When clients ask my advice on what equipment, small or large, would benefit their home exercise programs, they are trusting me, again, with their health. The equipment on my page represents pieces I use myself and trust implicitly to enhance their quality of life.  

I believe strongly in all the products I recommend and have provided links to the manufacturers' websites and or on Amazon to assist clients in locating the best equipment possible. 

Full disclosure:  Please note that if you link to any one item which says "Buy on Amazon" - I do receive a few cents on each item as passive income.  I offer a link for ease but you can by the items anywhere and online.  


Relief from back pain is assured the second you sit in it.  The Core-Flex mechanism ensures that biped motion moves throughout the spine and pelvis while it replicates walking and the off-loading that occurs in our trunks to dissipate the gravitational forces .  The force of gravity and other forces acting on our bodies does not settle into a static position and hence is dissipated equally up and down the spine. Clinically proven to provide relief from back pain.

core-flex chair 1 jepg_edited.jpg


The foot is the "Crowning Glory" of our spinal cord, vertebral column, and our jaw/TMJ.  In the mornings, our feet "hit the ground running" and they carry us all day long with gravity going against our grain.  If we do not address our feet and how we move, our overall, long term health will suffer, greatly, even without acute and/or chronic trauma.


Yamuna has refashioned Joseph Pilates' Foot Corrector by adding a bumpy surface which changes the tactile neurological feedback we receive in our brains. This subtle shift adds to the enhanced results of flexing and pointing the ankle and toes through a wide range of positions.

yamuna foot wakers jpeg.jpg


TONING & STRENGTHENING TOOL: Enjoy stronger and firmer muscles with the help of this Pilates ring. It is designed for a variety of exercises but is highly efficient in toning and slimming down the waist, arms, and legs. SOFT & COMFORTABLE TO USE: this Magic Circle is made of tempered steel encased in a soft and nonslip rubberized coating. It feels great against the skin, and you won't lose your grip mid-exercise. SAFE & PORTABLE FITNESS EQUIPMENT: This Pilates ring is smooth and rounded, making it safe to use, even on bare skin. This muscle-toner tool is light and compact enough for people who travel a lot. It easily fits into luggage, suitcases, backpacks, and gym bags.

flex ring balanced body jpeg.jpg


Strengthens muscles, improves posture, balance, and core stability, helps prevent back and spine pain. The stability ball can be used for general exercises, but also for yoga, pilates, as an office ball chair and much more. It’s a versatile piece of exercise equipment for both home, the gym and even the office.

large exercise ball.png


 The mini exercise ball can effectively stimulate your abdominal and inner thighs muscles, increase your flexibility, strength and endurance. It can add instability and resistance to do a variety of exercises, and very suitable for relaxation of the body.

small exercise ball amazon jpeg.jpg


Foam rollers are an inexpensive addition to anyone's physical fitness routine, whether for rehab purposes or to strengthen and increase the complexity of a workout, incorporating an unstable surface for enhanced balance performance. The rollers come in various sizes ranging from 12' to 36'.



The 1/2 Foam Roller - Half the size - Twice the stability - And ALL the benefits of the full roller but you are guaranteed full stability while you strengthen your core muscles and enhance your balance.  Lengths vary from 12" to 36".

1_2 roller 4 jpeg .jpg


Grip strength and the ability to extend your fingers in all directions and under varied stress demands is critical to hand, arm, and shoulder health. For either fitness and sport conditioning or rehabilitation post surgery or injury, these hand exercisers are excellent for conditioning the flexor and  extensor muscles of the hands. Great for preventing hand fatigue, strain, osteo and rheumatoid arthritis, carpal tunnel, tendonitis, and/or tennis elbow  muscles. There are different styles and manufactures, but the main focus is to be able to strengthen the entire arm, from fingers to shoulders and your neck.

hand 7 jpeg.jpg


Joseph Pilates believed in proactive foot exercises.  His "foot corrector" works on hip-knee-ankle foot alignment through both bent and straight knees.  Work your foot both in flexed and pointed positions. Strengthening your feet and ankles is the cornerstone to full body health.

foot corrector jpeg.jpg


Joseph Pilates' "toe gizmo" assists clients with helping to realign displaced toes and mild to moderate bunions to help introduce natural spacing of the toes as well as all the bones of the foot.  

I found this piece of original equipment for a "steal" at $19.99 compared to Pilates manufacturers cost of an average of $90.00.  This piece is not a knock off and I bought 2.  A high quality product I found on Amazon! Amazon reserves the right to change prices

toe gizmo jpeg.jpg


Playing marbles heels plantar fasciitis by helping you to strengthen the plantar surface (sole of your foot) of your foot.  It also challenges pointing and flexing your ankle which contributes to increased inflammation on the sole of your foot.  It isn't always all about stretching your foot muscle tissue - you must strengthen and balance all the opposing muscle groups to reduce inflammation and pain.



Joseph Pilates had a piece of equipment for every injury, every rehabilitation protocol, or for just general conditioning. The Bean Bag Shoulder Strengthener challenges your shoulders to adapt to sustained shoulder flexion while using 1 and 2 pound sandbags for an additional challenge.

Shoulder Bean Bag Roll-Up Exerciser jpeg.jpg


The Pilates Finger Exerciser was a design by Joseph Pilates himself just as the original Foot Corrector and the Toe Gizmo.  He knew that grip strength was crucial to our daily health.  He understood that our bodies had to be strengthen globally and completely. 
(a video to demonstrate his equipment:

Pilates Finger Exerciser jpeg.jpg


The Pilates Springboard Wall Unit is a valuable space saving piece of equipment yet it has endless possibilities for movement. Repertoire exercises from The Universal Reformer, Mat, and The Trapeze Table can all be performed on it as it supports an invigorating workout or it is as versatile for rehabilitative protocols, in small physical therapy clinics.

BB springboard jpeg_edited.jpg


Using resistance bands - at any time - can help challenge any "on the go" exercise.  They travel well and take up minimal space at home.  They are a necessary item for a sound home exercise program.

Tbands pic for website jpeg.jpg


Balanced Body fashioned Joe's original Spine Corrector out of foam and it resulted in a huge cost factor benefit.  Additionally, it is significantly lighter in weight and easier to move. The Spine Corrector is multi-faceted and will give the Pilates practitioner an affordable avenue to add this universal and critical piece of his originally designed equipment pieces to their home studio.

foam spine corrector jpeg.jpg


Sturdy and versatile, Rotational Disks improve strength through rotation and add variety and fun while standing or sitting. Sold in pairs. Non-skid surface . Baltic Birch construction. Select 10 inch discs.

Stott discs jpeg.jpg


Physical health is only achieved when there is a balance between strength and flexibility.  The stretch out strap allows a client to be able to assist themselves to stretch. It also allows for a wide range of tension levels to help increase the intensity of any given stretch. I discovered this strap and its unique ability to give an assist while ensuring correct biomechanical alignment is maintained through the stretch.

stretching strap jpeg .jpg


Versa Loops are one of the most versatile small equipment pieces to own and they travel great! They intensify any exercise and are the key to ensuring health and strong hip stabilizers and pelvic floor muscles as well as ensure correct lower body biomechanical alignment.

NeeBoo versa loops jpeg.jpg


Yoga blocks come in varied colors and materials.  From cork to foam, they are versatile and small enough to fit into your travel bag. Functional yoga blocks    
allow you to perform stretches with greater control, providing greater flexibility, enhancing muscle recovery, and  improving range of motion.

yoga 5 jpeg.jpg


Almost instant pain relief naturally. Toe spreaders align the mid-foot relative to all 5 metatarsal bones in the forefoot which takes a significant amount of compression in any type of traditionally designed shoe, closed toe shoe, high heeled sandal or pump, and / or any type of boot or workbook. Stretch out your feet but also allow the toes to breathe and settle into a natural and relaxed shape. Buckled-up feet, overlapping toes, and even bunions, claw toes, and hammertoes can be caused by restrictive footwear and years of walking poorly. The toe separators help stretch the shortened connective tissues of your feet so they regain their natural shape and range of motion. Once removed, you will be able to feel the shift of your body weight, from the forefoot to the hind foot and an increase in stability and strength.

toes 3 jpeg.png
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