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Word on the Street is......

April  2021

Dr Nelson,

Pilates, foot-wakers, Barbie feet, & cork screws were all alien words until I met you.  I don't pretend to understand the science of what you do or your methods, you are the doctor. I know I am in good hands.  I groan & complain at each session.  I tell you this or that is impossible! You still make me do it. I do what you tell me to do no matter how much I think my limbs will fly off. 

Thank you The High-Heeled PT Lady! My body would be a wreck without you.

Judd Aronowitz, Esq

August 2021

If you are seeking to heal from surgery, injury and/or any physical discomfort you have come to the right place, as Dr. Nelson is not your traditional physical therapist. After almost a year of struggling to heal from shoulder surgery, despite countless physical therapy sessions, I scheduled a PT consult with Dr. Nelson. Fast forward 4 years, I am elated to report that Erica (Dr. Nelson), has not only restored function to my shoulder, she has also addressed all physical misalignments as a result of my body compensating. I would not be where I am today physically and/or mentally if not for the HIGH-HEELED PT LADY!! Take advantage of the 30 minutes consul and 30 minutes Pilates session, you will be pleasantly surprised. Dr. Nelson is not only a doctor in physical therapy, she is a kick A** Pilates instructor!


B. A. 

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