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April  2021
Dr Nelson,
Pilates, foot-wakers, Barbie feet, & cork screws were all alien words until I met you.  I don't pretend to understand the science of what you do or your methods, you are the doctor. I know I am in good hands.  I groan & complain at each session.  I tell you this or that is impossible! You still make me do it. I do what you tell me to do no matter how much I think my limbs will fly off. 
Thank you The High-Heeled PT Lady! My body would be a wreck without you.

Judd Aronowitz, Esq

August 2021

If you are seeking to heal from surgery, injury and/or any physical discomfort you have come to the right place, as Dr. Nelson is not your traditional physical therapist. After almost a year of struggling to heal from shoulder surgery, despite countless physical therapy sessions, I scheduled a PT consult with Dr. Nelson. Fast forward 4 years, I am elated to report that Erica (Dr. Nelson), has not only restored function to my shoulder, she has also addressed all physical misalignments as a result of my body compensating. I would not be where I am today physically and/or mentally if not for the HIGH-HEELED PT LADY!! Take advantage of the 30 minutes consul and 30 minutes Pilates session, you will be pleasantly surprised. Dr. Nelson is not only a doctor in physical therapy, she is a kick A** Pilates instructor!


B. A. 


December  2022


If you want to be pain free, looking and feeling marvelous U must call Erica.. Beyond knowledgeable. Best therapist ever!!! 💯💯💯

Would Recommend!!

Alina K.


November 2022

"I FEEL GOOD !"....James Brown I have suffered from chronic neck/shoulder pain for over 15 years. I have successfully completed "Cycle One" of my personalized treatment plan. There has been substantial improvement in my mobility, flexibility, and reduction of severe muscles spasms which are contributors to the pain and many restless/sleepless nights. My sleep has definitely improved, which has led to a better overall disposition. I highly recommend Dr. Erica for your personalized treatment plan.



Donna W.

November 2022

I’ve been conditioning with Erica for several years now and my body feels better today than in my 30’s! Erica is a true professional and the best in her field. I am so grateful she followed her dream and is able to help so many.

Would Recommend!


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