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Frequently Asked Questions  

What is your new patient procedure? 

You will be involved in your initial evaluation, which will address your current condition, how it is currently impacting your daily life, its functional limitations for which you are seeking help for, the degree of intensity of your pain, and your past medical history. It can include manual assessment for pain, tenderness, swelling, soft tissue integrity, and any deformity you are currently experiencing. Your quality of movement and range of motion will be assessed for any abnormalities in muscle endurance, strength, and vascular health. A neurological screening will accompany your assessment and will include sensory testing for touch, pain, vibration, and temperature, as well as all reflexes will be assessed while motor performance will be gauged. Special tests will be performed to confirm or to rule out, the presence of additional problems. Postural assessment will involve line of gravity and muscular line of influence relative to your daily activities.  Please allow for at least 90 minutes for your initial evaluation. Together, we will develop a plan of care and home exercise program that will be unique to your needs. 

What types of health insurance do you accept and do I need a doctor's referral?

Currently, I do not accept any health insurance. I provide a concierge, one-on-one patient care and Florida law allows any patient direct access to a doctor of physical therapy and a referral is not needed for the first 30 days.  Should treatment extend beyond the initial 30 days, my patient will need to seek a doctor's referral for continued physical therapy treatment. However - clients do not need a doctor's referral if you are seeking Pilates instruction and/or general health & exercise conditioning.  

I can provide all forms necessary so that you may submit them to your insurance company / Medicare - if you are seeking reimbursement. 

What do I need to bring with me, if I am seeking physical therapy services, only, and what if I am just seeking improved general health, wellness, and increased strength and flexibility, and I am not under a doctor's care?

If you are seeking physical therapy treatment, you will need any and all medical records you have, detailing your history, as this will ensure your treatment goals are achieved.  If you are seeking only general exercise and Pilates training for improved health and wellness, then no medical documents would be necessary.  

Why does physical therapy take longer than I had thought and do I really need to stick to a Home Exercise Program (HEP)? 

Physical therapy is not a quick fix. Americans in general are notorious for looking for a quick fix. PT follows biomechanical anatomy and physiology. There’s a certain amount of time that is required for certain types of tissue in the body to repair themselves. If you try to speed up the process, you could experience a re-injury. So physical therapy takes some patience and perseverance, and you’ve got to keep up with the program to experience the gains. Physical recovery happens in stages, and you have to be present for the whole program, from beginning to end, if you want lasting results.

Yes! A commitment to your health means a commitment to yourself and your home exercise program (HEP).  Improved health and healing injuries means a consistent practice of helping your body through the natural healing processes and this will take some time.  You cannot rush the physiological changes that must occur during your recovery. 

If your intention is to develop an overall improved general health and well-being, a commitment to yourself and your body is still the foundation to forge any changes which you wish to see and feel. 

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