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   Each Treatment Session Is Individually Prescribed & Reevaluated

Treatment Modalities:

Covered by insurance:

Manual Therapy
Physical Therapy    
Pilates-Based Physical Therapy 

Sport Massage
Stretching & Flexibility Training

                   Note:   I prepare all necessary insurance paperwork & patients submit their claims 

Not covered by insurance:

Physical Therapy-Based Pilates
Therapeutic Pilates 
Just Pilates    
Health & Wellness Long

                         Diagnoses  &  Areas of Specialization 

Comprehensive Orthopedic Care**         (from head to toe)

                                             Cervicogenic disorders                                       
Oral  /  Maxillofacial    

                             Shoulder pathology
                                            Frozen shoulder
                                            Rotator cuff injury 
                                            Tennis & Golfer's elbow
                                            Carpal tunnel syndrome

 Spine & hip conditions / injuries
                                            Scoliosis / Kyphosis / Lordosis

                                            ACL / PCL

                             Ankle - Foot 
                                            Plantar fasciitis 
                Sprains - strains
     All Joint replacement & rehabilitation   (pre / post)
                           Sport & athletic performance

Neural & Pain Disorders
                             Outpatient diagnosis

Gait - Balance - Posture

                                  Neurologically systemic
                                   Fall Assessment & Prevention      
omics Consultation - WFH office        

Manual Lymphatic Drainage  -  Soft  Tissue Manipulation

                                 Comprehensive  -  Full Body MLD  
                              Cosmetic Surgery    (pre / post)
                              Medical Massage  -   Soft Tissue Injury 


**   Comprehensive care means ALL injuries  WILL cause compensation patterns in all other areas & rehabilitation MUST  address the body as a whole biomechanical system  & not just as one specific condition / pathology

**    Traditional PT practices address ONLY one specific diagnosis and see patients as a potential billing prospect




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