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‘Breathing is the first act of life and the last. Our very life depends on it.’
Joseph H. Pilates

Pilates-based Physical Therapy
                                             ((Insurance Based With Documentation)

 Physical Therapy-based Pilates
                                            (Rehabilitation Focused   -  No Insurance Documentation)

Just Pilates
            Privates     -    Semi-privates     -    Therapeutic Pilates     -    Triplets

Manual Lymph Drainage

Muscle Tissue Healing
                           A-P Muscle Massage    -   Medical Massage   -   Sport Massage   -   Therapeutic Massage

TMJ / TMD Disorders  




                      *Available for Travel

                                 In-home or Abroad  


In today's world, therapists MUST be flexible and available to their clients in a manner where they have the ability to participate and direct their treatment.  Whether it is physical therapy, Pilates, or general exercise instruction, I am able to meet clients' expectations by being available in-person, online, and for private travel when they need me. 

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