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Joseph Pilates   Circa 1940's

Joseph Pilates working on one of his earlier models of his Trapeze Table, aka The Cadillac.  In his original design, he attached poles to the ends of hospital beds and added a trapeze above and over the table.  He utilized springs, which he removed from the mattress, to assist WW I veterans, returning who were bed-bound, either temporarily or permanently.

Joseph Pilates   Circa 1920's

Joseph Pilates demonstrating how to use one of his specially designed chairs which he adapted with springs  for rehabilitation purposes

joe rehab chair 3.png
joe reformer 4.png

 Joseph Pilates Circa 1920's
"Control Stretch"

Pilates- Designed by a man for men and not just for rehabilitation.  Pilates serves as a challenge for elite athletic rehabilitation, for both men and women

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