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Ergonomics Consultation  

Home Office - Work

Standing or sitting, working from home or at the office, I can provide a consult on the biomechanical ergonomic set-up in your work space. In-person, or via Telehealth, I will evaluate and analyze your workstation, take a history of the main complaint, when and how it started, and provide key insights into how to better set up your area so your body has the best possible chances for recovery. 


Additionally, I can prescribe therapeutic and corrective exercises while recommending collaborative treatment modalities to help ease your pain and discomfort.  You have the option for live streaming treatment sessions 1, 2 , or 3 times per week, to get your started on the path to physical recovery, from chronic and insidious bad postural positioning.


Please use the link below to connect you to My Blog article on work space ergonomics, back pain, posture, and spinal alignment. 

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