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My Story... Your Feet...
The High-Heeled PT Lady Story

Our Story Is Connected To Our Feet!

We all have a story - that is who we are.  And, it matters that people feel seen and heard. And, no matter what brought them, and you, to my practice, or how they crossed my path, they leave their sessions, each time, knowing I care for their health, and their wellbeing is my highest priority. That IS "My Why"!  I strive for the highest quality of care for all my patients and clients and so I am always learning in life, professionally and personally, so I can offer patients and clients a safe space for whatever their goals are. 

I believe, strongly, that our feet are the key to our best health, and, if you doubt me, "check in with them" and see how they are feeling.  At the beginning of each day, your feet "hit the ground - running" and we don't give them a second thought. They absorb every movement we make from reaching into cabinets and closets to taking us where we want to go, everyday!

And, women & our high heels....what do we do to our bodies?!  ​

BUT - if we care for our feet - our body will follow and we will still be able to wear our favorite accessory. 


Safe and sound biomechanical movement depends on the line of gravity that runs through our bodies and the intersection of our feet, the force from that line of gravity, and the horizontal line we make contact with, the ground. The resultant line of influence and the collaborative synergy of the pull on our muscles, will manifest in our bodies.

Every joint we move, in unison with every muscle we use, we influence what happens in our spine, our head, our shoulders, our hips, our knees, and our feet.  As bi-ped, upright posture reveals, the health and well being of our feet, will determine our daily posture, pelvic floor health, and up through our bodies, eventually settling into our jaw and neck area. The normal force, from the ground up, will run through our center of mass and directly up through, and into, our jaw and skull. 

At the end of each day, it is no wonder our feet ask to be "put up on the coffee table"-they need a rest - like we do!

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