I am a licensed Pilates-based physical therapist who utilizes a mind-body integrative philosophical approach to physical therapy. I support my clients through a collaborative relationship, based on honor, respect, ethics and a deep appreciation for each client’s specific unique challenges and their successes.

I have been teaching and working with clients for 22 years while maintaining a small boutique business practice. I focus on my clients and their individualized requirements and requests, outside of the traditional rehabilitation-practice world. I recognize that clients are best served through a practitioner who is passionate about helping them on their journey of health and wellness and I  grasp the significance of the exclusive one-on-one care and realize their treatment needs are best served when it is tailored for them, in the privacy of their home, at my private studio, or as I travel with them. I value clients’ diagnostic conditions and their hardships. I appreciate that they are MORE than their diagnoses, no matter their hardships and challenges they face, daily, and a client’s dignity is pivotal to the cornerstone of their health.

My practice reflects my passions for a variety of conditions ranging from, but not limited to, relief from acute and chronic neck/back/hip/foot pain, various orthopedic disorders/surgical conditions such as joint replacement, scoliosis, TMJ-disorders, and specialized neurological disorders such as Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s as well as pelvic floor pain and dysfunction.  

Additionally, I remain active in the academic field as adjunct faculty. Ardently, I feel that healthcare practitioners should stay connected to the educational community and remain focused on students, as they are our future healthcare practitioners, and it matters that allied healthcare students feel supported by their faculty and peers.